Friday, November 14, 2008


It's our favorite time of year....

The leaves are turning... pumpkin soup is in season.... Starbucks brings back it's peppermint hot chocolate {yum}.... and The Green Festival rolls into town!

Just blocks from our office, sustainable and fair-trade organizations from around the country converge to put together the most kick-ass 3 day weekend of earth friendly products and seminars. Yes the smell of patchouli and body odor may fill the air, but it is well worth it once you're inside. The veggie food, handmade goods and new green technologies are amazing. Last year we saw everything from silk worm shawls from Vietnam {which we bought} to solar powered toilets. It's also so fun to people watch, it's like a post-tribal burning man reunion.

Another reason we love going {besides the epic amount of free tea and vegan goods} is the seminars. Learning about how to run an earth friendly business that gives back to the SF community is serious stuff here at Bliss*. Last year we went to hear and support our friends Ari & Eric at Back To Earth Organic Catering as they taught about how to grow a sustainable company while staying fiscally transparent. Good stuff! This year they have names like Chuck D and Dr. Cornel West speaking. Wow!

If you are wondering if the Green Festival is heading your way, check out their website at: .

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