Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here We Go!

It's going to be a busy week{end} and coming week!

We are heading off to LA for a modestly HUGE event with our gal pals event designer Sasha Souza and photographer Elizabeth Messina. We are so excited about this party.... can't spill the beans now, but *hopefully* we can share some of the cool and outrageous moments that are to come. The decor alone is going to be off the grill and we are pulling out all the stops with multiple 16mm cams, High-Def cams and steadicam. This party will have over 30 vendor companies.... I think we {vendors} even get our own deluxe bathroom trailer... whoohoo! Let's hear it for air conditioning and faux wood walls.

But even more exciting than hot towels and scented handsoap is:

This is where it is at! From Sunday-Thursday our offices will be closed as we spend time with fellow photographers and videographers in the great city of New Orleans for Re:Frame 08.

Kristen* will be speaking on Super 8mm film and the use of branding and marketing to an intimate group of about 50 studios from all over the world. We *LOVE* New Orleans, especially the french quarter area and are excited to be coming back to be a part of this incredible industry experience. If you are a event video company or a photographer that is interested in film or being a part of a new experience in the wedding field, you must head on over to Re:Frame and check it out.

Exciting news is going to be hitting the net as each day unfolds over at the Re:Frame blog...... stay tuned!

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