Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Promo: Hello! Lucky

We couldn't leave for the week without sharing some sort of {CINEMA} with you. Earlier this year we had the privilege of creating some promotional materials for the super swell gals Sabrina and Eunice over at Hello! Lucky.

For those of you living in a cave, Hello! Lucky is a super fun, hip and sassy letterpress and custom stationary company run by the most stylish sisters ever. Just check out their ::Blog::

This is one of two films that we created for them. We fell in love with the letterpress process while filming Eunice and Sabrina and have such a deeper respect and love for this printing technique. For us, it's very similar to the care and expertise that goes into shooting Super 8 & 16mm film. Like film, letterpress is a dying craft, but one that is being brought back to life by artists that choose to express their voice through hand crafted work rather than mass production. Though many jump on the bandwagon now, I'm sure you'll see that with Hello! Lucky, the difference is in the details and their couture approach.

{{hmmm... sounds like another company we know of ;) }}

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{kay} said...

ever since i discovered your work in modern bride 2 years ago i've been a huge fan of your work - so nice to discover you have a blog! and it's lovely! hopefully one day when i get married you'll add toronto to your list of places you travel to for work!

now i must go check out hello! lucky - i love stationary!