Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Put it on a Pedestal Please!

There are a few guilty pleasures that we have here at Bliss*. One is collecting vintage camera's and the other is displaying them on adorable cake stands. Clara French just took our obsession to the next level!
Ceramicist Micaela has been working in clay for over 19 years and her passion for pottery is evident in the detail of each design. But the even more uber-cool thing about Clara French is that you can RENT these lovely darlings in addition to purchasing them! How fabulous for a reception or baby shower!? And if that's not enough, they offer tableware as well. Another great gift idea for your registry or for your gal pals getting hitched.


jennifer said...

they're so pretty... love the colors!

Vintage Indie said...

This is a brilliant idea for a wedding! Thanks so much for this post, these are stunning to say the least.